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Easy Access to Home Improves Independence


Outside Yolanda’s front door is a wooden ramp. The ramp has sturdy handrails around it, which allows Yolanda to leave her home safely without the worry of maneuvering stairs in a wheelchair. Easy access to her home is just one aspect of Yolanda’s recent independence.

For the past few years, Yolanda has been able to live on her own in her home in Indianapolis. She is thankful that she was given that opportunity — with help from CICOA — to move out of her mother’s home while avoiding institutional care.

Yolanda, 51, is quadriplegic. She is paralyzed from the neck down, and needs help moving, bathing, dressing and feeding herself.

“CICOA’s help means a lot to me because if I didn’t have the services, I’d be in a nursing home, and that’s a place I don’t want to be,” she said. “I get great care at home.”

CICOA helped connect Yolanda with attendant care and a home health aide ” both vital services. She has a home health provider eight hours during the day and four hours at night. Yolanda also has a personal emergency response system. In addition, CICOA helped her secure a new air mattress, hospital bed and wheelchair, as well as the ramp.

Yolanda has a strong spirit, and living an independent life despite her disability is very important to her.

“I appreciate CICOA giving me the extra help I need,” she said.