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Heat Can Be Deadly for Older Adults

Older women trying to stay cool in hot summer temperatures

Record-breaking temperatures are baking Central Indiana this summer. For many of us, this can be uncomfortable, so we wisely limit our time outdoors. For older adults, extreme heat not only is uncomfortable, but also potentially deadly.

As we age, our bodies respond differently to heat, and we become more at risk for heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Older adults are more likely to be dehydrated. They also are more likely to have chronic health conditions that require medication or a low sodium diet, both of which can affect the body’s ability to regulate its temperature.

Now imagine you have no air conditioner.  Without respite from the heat, your life is equally threatened outdoors or indoors.

Diane, 65, is used to being independent, though maintaining that independence is becoming a struggle. Living in a rural area of Morgan County, her care plan includes home-delivered meals, a bathroom modification so she can bathe on her own, and some durable medical equipment. This summer, Diane also received a window air conditioner.

Each summer when temperatures soar, CICOA enlists the help of its care managers to identify clients without air conditioning. Known as the Cool Aid project, window units are purchased using client assistance funds donated by friends like you.

This year, your generous donations supplied 29 window units at a cost of $4,845. And thanks to you, Diane and others now have respite from the heat and are better able to live safely at home. That’s what it’s all about.

Help vulnerable seniors beat the heat. Your gift to the Client Assistance Fund makes it possible for the Cool Aid project to continue each year.