Keeping a Promise to Keep Her at Home

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“Mike, honey, I don’t know where I am or how to get home.”

Sitting in the parking lot of a local store, Corinne called her husband, confused. They both realized something was not right. She was able to describe her surroundings, however, and Mike was able to retrieve her.

The diagnosis of early onset Alzheimer’s disease was life-changing for both Corinne and Mike. A devoted caregiver, Mike made a promise to always care for his wife and never put her in a nursing facility. She is now 63, completely bedridden and with limited ability to communicate.

Support for the Alzheimer’s patient and caregiver

Your gift helps Mike keep his promise to Corinne by providing person-centered care management and needed services to help her remain safely at home. From nutritional supplements to attendant care, Corinne receives the care she needs, so Mike can focus more of his energy on spending quality time with his wife.

“The love and devotion [Mike] has for his wife was evident from the first meeting I had with them,” said CICOA care manager Mindy Yater. “He was feeding her a protein shake when we met. He introduced me to Corinne and included her in our conversation. You can see his eyes light up when he speaks of her.”

Mike described love at first sight upon meeting Corinne in New York. They were married shortly after, and together they reared two children, now adults working in the healthcare field.

COVID causes disruption and separation

Mike recently was diagnosed with COVID-19. Corinne tested negative, but the couple had to be separated while Mike was hospitalized briefly and after returning home. Their adult children stepped in to care for their mother while he was quarantined.

While Mike was recovering from his own dangerous illness, CICOA care manager Mindy worked to ensure that his wife was safe and being cared for the way he wanted. During his time off work, he made some improvements to their home and also purchased a new vehicle that’s more accessible for Corinne – and in her favorite color!

Mike has since returned to work and is grateful for the help that CICOA provided. He continues to be a devoted, loving husband and caregiver.

*The clients’ names have been changed to protect privacy.

You can help others like Mike and Corinne keep their promises to care for each other at home.

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