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Pearl Remembers Her Hymns


Lee, age 90, met his future wife Pearl at the Indiana State Fair.

“I was a freshman and she was a senior,” he recalls. “I thought she was just being nice, but a few days later she sent me a note asking why I wasn’t talking to her anymore.”

They were married shortly after Lee graduated from high school. A few years later, Lee received his World War II draft notice. He served as an Electrician 3rd Class on the U.S. Essex in Japan for one tour of duty.

“They asked me to serve another, but I told them I had a wife at home that I missed,” Lee says.

Lee and Pearl, now 91, have lived a full life taking care of their children and establishing a home on the south side of Indianapolis. They both enjoyed traveling until Pearl’s Alzheimer’s limited her activity.

Today, she requires 24-hour supervision. Pearl must be reminded to eat and take her medications. She rarely speaks and cannot perform any personal tasks and often has to be reminded where rooms are in her home.

Lee says he doesn’t think they’d still be living at home without the help of CICOA. Not only does the attendant care provide additional help bathing, dressing and taking care of Pearl’s needs, it gives Lee peace of mind of knowing that Pearl is safe while he takes a nap or runs his own errands.

Althought Pearl no longer recognizes her husband, she does still remember her hymns. Each night, before they go to sleep, Lee and Pearl hold hands in bed and sing “their songs.”

“She’s my jewel,” Lee says.