Positive Attitude and Love Sustains Couple

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Beverly and James have been married for 36 years and have a home filled with love and laughter. Beverly was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1989, but faith, a positive attitude and love for one another has sustained the couple.

“We’ve learned over the years it’s not about the things you give each other. Sometimes it’s just a smile or a touch,” James says.

Bowling nights and travel used to fill the couple’s calendar, but today they enjoy playing cards and visits with their four children and 11 grandchildren. Beverly is unable to walk, has limited dexterity in her hands and some difficulty communicating.

James, 65, has worked diligently to make sure his wife has the best care. After he lost his job of 26 years, he went to work for an additional 12 years at a physically demanding, minimum-wage job to make sure his wife had health insurance.

Initially, James was able to help Beverly with many tasks. As he became older, he found it more difficult to tend to her needs. He worried that he might hurt her or himself when trying to move Beverly or taking her to doctors’ appointments.

Today, home health aides provided through CICOA help Beverly with personal care and housekeeping four hours a day. They also provide James with time to complete errands and enjoy a much-needed break outside the home. Frozen meals are delivered twice a month through Meals and More, and transportation assistance helps ensure Beverly can get to her medical appointments.

“Beverly is satisfied and I am happy with the way my wife is treated,” James says.

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