Dementia Caregiver Resources

If you are taking care of a family member or loved one with Alzheimer's disease or related dementia, these resources can be helpful for managing behaviors, engaging in purposeful activities, and creating a safe home environment.

Caregiving for Individuals with Dementia

The following ebooks and videos are helpful resources for anyone caring for an individual with Alzheimer's or related dementia. These handouts and videos were developed by an Indiana University doctor of occupational therapy student, Abigail Taylor.


Managing Triggers for Individuals with Dementia

Individuals with dementia often lose their ability to communicate effectively. If an individual is showing disruptive behaviors, it could mean the person is overstimulated, under-stimulated, or they have an unmet need. The goal is to figure out the cause of a behavior and then do something to resolve the problem.

Sensory Stimulation for Individuals with Dementia

As people age, they can experience reduced acuity of vision, hearing, taste, and smell. Sensory stimulation is a great way to address a person’s needs by incorporating activities that promote feelings of purpose. Sensory activities enable them to remain active and support them in maintaining everyday skills for longer.

Environmental Modifications for Individuals with Dementia

Setting up the home environment in a way that accommodates the needs of individuals with dementia has shown to improve their behavior and the perception of their surroundings. Home modifications also have been shown to improve performance in daily activities and decrease caregiver stress.

Fun Activities for Seniors with Dementia

Whether a person is in the early, middle, or late stage of dementia, they still can participate in activities that are fun, engaging, and meaningful. However, choosing the most appropriate type of activity for people can be challenging, especially in the middle to late stages of the disease. It is important to remember to match activities to cognitive and functional capabilities and relate them to previous roles, habits, and interests.

Memory Aids for Individuals with Memory Impairments or Dementia

An individual with a mild memory impairment will be more likely to use memory aids and strategies independently. Individuals with more severe memory deficits likely will require more assistance and reminders for using memory aids to help them complete activities of daily living. The following are memory aid suggestions that can help individuals with memory impairments maintain their independence and assist them with completing everyday tasks.


Managing Triggers for Individuals with Dementia

Sensory Stimulation for Individuals with Dementia

Environmental Modifications for Individuals with Dementia

Caregiver Support Services

For one-on-one caregiver support, contact us for a CareAware consultation.

Dementia Friends Indiana

Become A Friend sessions are a brief, but very impactful way of learning about dementia, understanding and appreciating the perspective of someone living with dementia, and having the knowledge you need to better communicate and interact with those living with the disease and their family caregivers. Sessions are hosted by CICOA and other Dementia Champions throughout Indiana.