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Respite Gives Parents Time to Refocus


In 2008, Stacie was pregnant with twin girls when she went into premature labor at 20 weeks. One of the twins was born and didn’t survive. Four weeks later, the second twin, Sydni, was born without a pulse but was resuscitated.

Sydni spent her first nine months in the hospital, fighting literally for life and breath. Her early delivery resulted in respiratory problems that forced her onto a ventilator. At the age of three, she had multiple reconstructive surgeries to allow her to breathe on her own and to remove her tracheotomy tube, but she still required around-the-clock nursing care.

Now four, Sydni still has difficulty talking above a whisper and receives daily feedings and medication through a g-tube. Other than that, she appears to be developmentally on track and now attends preschool five days a week. Sydni is an energetic child, is learning to read and write, and talks about learning to play an instrument.

CICOA provides respite care for Stacie and her husband, Sean, which they have used primarily on the weekends to attend church, run errands, or just have time alone.

“CICOA is a great resource,” Stacie said. “Caregiving can take a toll on you physically, emotionally and mentally. Respite care has allowed us time to refocus our energies and take care of ourselves individually and as a couple. To know you’re not alone… to have faith, family and community resources to help through a difficult time… that has been truly amazing!”