Safe at Home Event Volunteer Application

Volunteer for Safe at Home, a high-impact, half-day of service to low-income seniors who live in Indianapolis.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for this year's Safe at Home event. Without volunteers like you, this event would not be possible! Please fill out this application as soon as possible, as it helps us match your skills with available projects on event day. All volunteers must be age 18 or older.

Because of COVID-19, new safety procedures have been put in place to protect the vulnerable seniors we serve as well as our eager volunteers. These include social distancing practices and limiting the number of volunteers inside each home. Although the event will look different in response to the pandemic, our goals remain the same—to make homes and yards safe and accessible for daily living and to prevent falls.

You are welcome to share this opportunity with family, friends and coworkers. Share the Safe at Home event on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media. However, if you are interested in bringing a group of volunteers to work together, please contact Dan Amonett at or 317-803-6079 to discuss how we can best accommodate your group.

Volunteer Opportunities:
  • House Captain - House Captains must have experience in construction projects installing grab bars, handrails, etc. The House Captain oversees the home modification projects and directs all volunteers on-site. House Captains are responsible for bringing tools necessary for home modification projects.
  • Home Modification Assistant - Under supervision of the House Captain, House Helpers will assist with home modification projects such as installing handrails and grab bars. Should have some level of experience or skill with home repair projects.
  • Yard Beautification - Cut back bushes, shrubs and overgrowth, planting flowers and spreading mulch might be required. Yard Workers are required to bring along tools to assist with these tasks such as shovels, rakes, clippers, etc.