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Soft-Spoken Marjie Receives Round-the-Clock Care


Marjie isn’t much of a talker, but that doesn’t mean the 66-year-old is being rude, said her caregiver, Chiffon. Marjie has a developmental disability that causes her to process information slower.

Chiffon was 10 years old when she met Marjie. At the time, Marjie was under the care of a friend, who also happened to be Chiffon’s grandmother. After her grandmother moved into a nursing home, Chiffon became Marjie’s new caregiver. With a child on the way, Chiffon realized she couldn’t care for Marjie alone. That’s when she called CICOA.

Round-the-Clock Care

“When my grandma couldn’t care for Marjie anymore, I sort of took the reins,” Chiffon recalled. “CICOA fills me in on her doctors’ appointments, and they help with transportation.”

Today, Marjie receives round-theclock care and assistance with bathing, dressing and medication management. Through the Aged & Disabled Waiver, she attends Active Day Northwest five days a week with round-trip transportation. There, she likes playing Bingo and participating in exercise programs. She also enjoys five home-delivered meals each week. Her favorite is Salisbury steak.

Chiffon says the care managers at CICOA genuinely care for their clients and are always “on it” when it comes to keeping up with Marjie’s care.

“Their care and concern is what really matters the most,” she said.