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7 Reasons Why You Should be Shopping at Farmers Markets

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My favorite way to spend a summer Saturday morning is heading to my local farmers market. I like to stock up on fresh fruits and veggies for the week, maybe select a bunch of fresh flowers or fresh baked goods. I like knowing that everything I buy is made and grown locally. Here are my top seven reasons why you should be shopping at your Farmers Market.

Taste real flavors. Produce from your local farmers market is the freshest food you can buy, making it much tastier than the grocery store counterpart. Food at the farmers market often is picked the day before, at the peak of its ripeness, providing the best nutrition possible. Nothing says summer like a vine-ripened tomato.

Eat seasonally. Locally grown fruits and veggies also are in season, which is proven to be more flavorful, nutritious and healthy.

Spend less on natural foods. There is a variety of fresh, pesticide-free produce at the farmers market, typically costing less than that at the supermarket. While products may not be labeled, you can talk to the farmers and learn how they produce the food on your table.

Support local vendors. Not only does produce cost less at the farmers market than at the grocery store, but by purchasing from local farmers, you are supporting their families and the local economy. You are also investing in the farmers market helping it to continue to offer you fresh, local goods.

Protect the environment. Fewer resources are needed to get food from the farm to your table, reducing the carbon footprint. Conventional agriculture leads to pollution of water, land and air because of the carbon monoxide, pesticides and chemical fertilizers used. Additionally, local farmers do not have to process and use sorting machines, thereby minimizing the impact on the earth.

Get active. Farmers markets are not only about the food. Getting out of the house and taking your time browsing at the market is a great summer activity. Research has shown breathing in fresh air reduces stress.

Have fun. The farmers market is a great way to meet members of your community and to feel connected. It can also be a family-fun activity. Kids can learn about where produce comes from and even find their favorite veggies.

Not sure where the closest farmers market is? Check out a list provided by the local publication, Indy’s Child.