Loneliness Is Bad for Your Health

March 21, 2019
Lonliness Bad for Health

Loneliness, commonly accepted as part of the human condition, is no stranger to any generation, but it is increasingly familiar in the older population. It’s difficult to pinpoint every cause for loneliness because it is felt so personally. But we do know that some of the less pleasant aspects of growing older can create the…

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Learning How to Love—Again

February 4, 2019
Learning how to love again

Caregiving is no easy task, whether the care recipient is a child, a spouse or an aging parent. Caring for a loved one with dementia can be one of the most challenging tasks a person may face. As our loved ones undergo changes in their cognitive and physical wellbeing, they may experience changes in personality…

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Three Unique Challenges of Long-Distance Caregivers

December 20, 2018
Three Unique challenges long distance caregivers

Many people in the United States eventually will find themselves in the role of caregiver. While some are thrust into the role in a crisis situation, others—sometimes without realizing it—slowly assume the role over time. Either way, the many transitions, decisions, tasks and challenges to navigate can make even the thought of caregiving seem overwhelming.…

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Why We Love Bad News, and How to Kick the Habit

November 16, 2018
Why We Love Bad News

Plain and simple, all of us are drawn like magnets to sensational headlines and stories of negative and shocking incidents, whether we believe the sources are trustworthy or not.  Does it come as any surprise that, statistically, we are more attracted to grave, negative stories than to positive stories?  Why do we “rubber-neck” on the…

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Caregiving and Your Financial Future

September 18, 2018
Caregiving and Your Financial Future

What happens when a loved one’s needs increase and you, as a caregiver, are faced with the daunting responsibility of providing extensive care?  Perhaps caregiving started with transporting the loved one to doctor appointments or the supermarket, and now the loved one cannot safely be left alone for any length of time.  For any of…

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Who You Gonna Call?

August 15, 2018
Who You Gonna Call

As a caregiver coach for CICOA Aging & In-Home Solutions, I’ve seen many new caregivers suddenly in need of information about Home and Community Based Service (HCBS) or other resources for optimizing quality of life for a loved one. Without any preparation at all, new caregivers can find themselves stressed over what to do, where…

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Managing Change From a Distance

July 11, 2018
Managing Change from a Distance

Caregiving is challenging, whether near or far away from a loved one. When living in close proximity, caregivers may feel overwhelmed by the routine itself, i.e. the number, frequency and difficulty of tasks required. However, performing the caregiver role from a distance can complicate things in unanticipated ways and deliver an additional set of challenges.…

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Questions to Ask Your Care Manager

June 12, 2018
Questions to ask your care manager

Caregivers (whether new to the role or seasoned with lots of practice) often seem to be unaware of the extensive help that is available to them in the form of professional case management.  Without the help of a case manager, a caregiver may feel lost and frustrated as he/she tries to discover resources and fresh…

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Running to Win

April 16, 2018
Running to Win

Are you familiar with the world’s 800+ marathon events annually?  This long-distance foot race of about 26 miles is completed by running, walking or a combination of the two, and there are also wheelchair divisions.  Marathons are fascinating and wildly popular across the globe, crossing boundaries of culture, ethnicity, gender, language and age (and how…

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Disaster Planning and Dementia

March 14, 2018
Disaster Planning

Only a couple of decades ago, the concepts of “emergency preparedness” and “disaster planning” were rarely discussed in public.  Of course, all of us have experienced the required drills at school or work (practicing evacuations for fire, extreme weather, or earthquakes, depending on one’s area of the country).  However, for those of us not directly…

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