Anna’s New Friend Helps Her Get Organized

May 22, 2015
Anna and Colleen

Life can get lonely as you age. Which is why CICOA offers the Friendly Visitor program, where volunteers visit seniors in their homes or in health care facilities to offer companionship and encouragement. “As we age, we don’t always have same level of support and can become isolated,” said Dan Amonett, director of CICOA’s Safe…

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Call for Help Receives Outpouring of Generosity

March 17, 2015
Tom Short

“I’m just thankful for all God’s done for me.” Tom, 62, a Marine Corps veteran with disabilities, sat on the edge of his bed and wiped a tear from his eye, unable to continue speaking. Around him, Tom’s home was filled with the sounds of demolition — hammers, power tools, the hollow noise of wood…

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Tips for Traveling With People With Disabilities

March 1, 2015
Importance of Touch

For the nearly 1.25 million Hoosiers living with a disability, transportation goes far beyond getting from one place to another. Being in a different environment, be it a new room, new city or on a plane, can be extremely stressful. Even tasks as seemingly simple as getting in and out of a car can become…

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Caregivers: Take Care of Your Heart

January 24, 2015

While caregiving is a rewarding experience, the added burden of caring for a loved one can have a tremendous physical and emotional impact. Oftentimes, caregivers get so caught up in maintaining their loved one’s health that they forget to take care of themselves. According to the Center for Advancing Health, this neglect leads to an…

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Aging & Disability Resource Center: What Happens When I Call?

January 20, 2015

The Aging & Disability Resource Center often is referred to as the “front door” of CICOA Aging & In-Home Solutions. The ADRC is a one-stop resource center for programs and information on services for older adults and people with disabilities in Central Indiana. While the majority of client and caregiver interaction happens by phone the…

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Senior Medicare Patrol Fights Fraud and Abuse

January 18, 2015

You’ve probably heard your friends and neighbors tales of Medicare fraud: scam artists asking for your Medicare card, providers charging for procedures you never had, or charging Medicare patients higher rates. Thankfully, in Indiana, there are senior citizens on patrol. This isn’t your typical neighborhood crime watch. Instead, it’s a statewide network of volunteers charged…

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Respite Care: Why Caregivers Need Eight Hours A Week and Where to Get It

November 30, 2014

Caregiving can take a toll on caregivers, physically, mentally and emotionally. According to the Family Caregiver Alliance, caregiving can lead to increased stress, chronic health challenges and depression. It is important that caregivers have a break, or respite, from their caregiving responsibilities on a regular basis. Respite care can be good for both the caregiver and…

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Medicaid Waiver Helps Eligible Individuals Remain at Home

February 26, 2014

Moving into a nursing facility may not be the only option for seniors or those with disabilities who require assistance with activities of daily living. Individuals who meet Medicaid requirements who are at risk of institutionalized care may want to consider contacting CICOA’s ADRC to determine their eligibilty for the Medicaid Waiver program. Services provided…

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Five Ways to Help Seniors Keep Their Minds Sharp

November 2, 2013

To help seniors keep their minds active, caregivers can encourage them to: Learn something new. It’s never too late to take up a new hobby, visit a new park or theater or learn to play an instrument. Stay connected. Seniors should meet with friends and family in their homes and outside the home if possible.…

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A Moving Experience

February 28, 2013

“Yeah, I have furniture, but I don’t have no way to get it here.” Lela, 54, was talking to her case manager about her new apartment, spartanly furnished with only a mattress on the floor, a card table and a lawn chair. Lela suffers from pinched nerves in her neck and lower back, spinal stenosis,…

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