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Medicaid Waiver Helps Eligible Individuals Remain at Home

Moving into a nursing facility may not be the only option for seniors or those with disabilities who require assistance with activities of daily living. Individuals who meet Medicaid requirements who are at risk of institutionalized care may want to consider contacting CICOA’s ADRC to determine their eligibilty for the Medicaid Waiver program. Services provided through the Medicaid Waiver can supplement informal or formal supports for people who would otherwise require care in a nursing facility.  The waiver can provide services for adult day care, adult family care, assisted living, attendant care, care management, home-delivered meals, personal emergency response system, structured family caregiving, home or vehicle modifications and more.

Medicaid Waiver Process Starts with Call to CICOA

In Central Indiana, CICOA is the single point of entry for people seeking Medicaid Medical Model Waivers. A limited number of waivers are granted on a first-come, first-served basis each year.

To apply for a waiver, Central Indiana residents need to contact CICOA’s Aging and Disability Resource Center at (317) 803-6131 or (800) 432-4322. A CICOA phone options counselor will ask about the individual’s needs, the type of assistance needed for daily living, medical history and other information. If it appears that the person is eligible for a waiver, a field options counselor will schedule a home visit to conduct an initial assessment.

Once the Medicaid Waiver intake process is complete, ongoing case management can be provided through CICOA or handed off to an independent case manager if the client chooses. Clients must meet eligibility requirements each year to continue receiving Medicaid waiver services.

Read more about Medicaid waivers and about the Community and Home Options to Institutional Care for the Elderly and Disabled (CHOICE) Program, a state-funded resource for eligible individuals who need support services to remain in their homes.