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Chris Pursues Love of Technology


In 1987, Chris wrote in an article for Indianapolis Monthly magazine, “You either do something in your life, or sit and do nothing.” Chris is definitely a “do something” person.

The 58-year-old was born with a hereditary form of muscular dystrophy, which has caused muscle deterioration, and means he needs help bathing, dressing and moving from his wheelchair. He lives with his father, who is Chris’ primary caregiver, in the house he grew up in.

But his disability doesn’t stop him from actively pursuing his love of technology and gadgets. A computer monitor in his office is hooked up to a voice recognition system that allows Chris to post to his website and blogs, upload project videos to YouTube and help others on the Web interested in technology.

Chris is good, really good, at designing and writing computer programs. He spends time working through new ideas he has for remotes or other gadgets.

Chris has been receiving CICOA services for the past five years. CICOA provides care management services and has connected Chris to respite care services 13 hours a week, spread over six days.

“It’s been a positive experience just to have someone that can navigate all the paperwork and advise me on what services are available,” Chris said. “The people at CICOA, they’re not paper-pushers. They’re willing to roll up their sleeves and say, ‘OK. Let’s get you what you need.'”