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Former Client Achieves Independence

Brandon Scott

Brandon’s story is a classic “happily ever after” tale. Born in 1987 missing most of all four limbs, the prospects for his future looked bleak. But his parents got involved in support groups for families of children with special needs, including the Indiana Parent Information Network and About Special Kids (ASK). These organizations provided the necessary peer support, information and resources that ultimately set the stage for Brandon’s bright future.

In the early years, Brandon’s parents provide all his care. But in high school, he was approved for a home health aide through CICOA to assist with personal care. He graduated from high school in 2006 and attended Purdue University through 2009. He graduated in 2012 with a B.S. in communication from Ball State University.

Brandon’s future wife, Erin, lived in the same dorm at Ball State, though they did not meet until two years later in 2014 on That same year, Brandon enrolled in a 50-hour training course to learn how to drive a wheelchair accessible vehicle with adaptive driving equipment.

Brandon and Erin married in July 2015, at which time he terminated his care plan through CICOA. Today, he works as a video strategist for 12 Stars Media. He remains a huge fan of Purdue football and basketball, as well as the Colts, Pacers and Indycar Racing. His favorite movie genre is the superhero film.

“Independence for me means having the freedom to live my life. I’m an outgoing individual, and I don’t like having a lot of strings attached. I want to live life to the fullest,” he said.