Field Notes

From Disease-Centered to Person-Centered Care Management

August 8, 2019
Hannah Monroe

Dr. Healey, a geriatrician with St. Vincent’s Center for Healthy Aging, made a presentation to CICOA’s care management staff in May about the need for a paradigm shift in the medical field from disease-centered to person-centered care management. As a care manager, this presentation hit me like a ton of bricks at exactly the right…

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Care Managers Make a Difference, Even When It Seems Impossible

July 9, 2019
Emily Rodehoffer

The role of care manager is important. It’s also a role with no concrete job description, and that is one of the aspects that I love most. A Client in Need of Compassion I had a client, Jimmy, who was a bit of a salty character with no friends, no family and new to case…

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Practicum Experience as Social Work Interns

May 22, 2019
Interns 2019

By Julia Ollikainen and Trellie Johnson, MSW Interns A question we get asked often is, “Why social work?” For Julia, it felt like something she was called to do. For Trellie, it was having a job that had a purpose. We currently are first-year graduate students at IUPUI working on a Master of Social Work…

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I'll See You Again Someday

May 6, 2019
Courtni Tex

A care manager reflects on a client’s passing Connie was unlike anyone I have ever known. She lived with post-polio syndrome for most of her life, which left her with limited movement in her upper body and none in her lower body. Nonetheless she lived a full, beautiful life. She was a loving mother to…

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An Inclusive and Welcoming Environment

February 25, 2019
Adrienne Kennedy

No matter where I am or whom I encounter, I always want to be inclusive and respectful, as well as create a welcoming and safe space. That requires a “self check-in” every once in a while to ensure how I conduct business still fits into that mantra. I recently attended a training called “Serving our…

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Creating a Person-Centered Care Plan

February 7, 2019

By Shannon Harshman, Flourish Care Manager Independence, dignity, and quality of life. The manifestation of these three goals differs with each client, and it is the CICOA Flourish Care Manager’s role to address individual needs for clients in achieving these goals. But, we don’t stop there. We “step it up a notch” to devise a…

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CICOA Very Merry Days

December 31, 2018
Very Merry Days Gifts

–by Chad Bales, Assistant Director of Flourish Care Management, and Tami Vernon, Care Management Supervisor Having worked a combined 32 years at CICOA, we have seen the amazing impact that holiday assistance can provide.  CICOA’s Very Merry Days not only impacts our immediate clients and their families, but also the numerous volunteers that give of…

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The Value of Social Work Practicum Experience

November 28, 2018
Kelli Wilson

“What do you want to do when you graduate?” is a question I hear frequently, and my answer is always changing. I currently am a student at IUPUI in the Master’s of Social Work program while holding my job as a care manager at CICOA. My advice for those working while attending school is that…

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Care Management: Flourishing Together

June 5, 2018
Whitney Scott

As a CICOA Care Manager who is passionate about each of my clients, I am always looking for new ways to do a better job, to push case management to new heights, and create an experience for my clients that will help them have a better today. The branding of care management with the term…

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