5 Ways to Eat More Autumn Harvest Fruits and Vegetables

Fall Fruits and Vegetables Autumn Produce

Following good nutrition habits can be difficult with today’s hectic schedules, but especially so for caregivers. One key to better nutrition is eating seasonal food, which is fresher and has more nutrients. Each season brings with it new produce to enjoy. Some autumn-harvested produce includes sweet potatoes, spinach, pumpkin, cranberries and apples. Let’s look at…

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Oats: A Simple yet Beneficial Food Favorite of Caregivers

Oats a Nutritious Food for Seniors

Caregivers often need to prepare multiple meals a day for their care recipient. If that’s you, and you want to learn about foods that are the right balance of easy to prepare, inexpensive, versatile and nutritious, look no further than the (seemingly) simple oat. Oats seem like a simple food—small, lightweight grains that are similar…

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Five Unexpected Foods for Eye Health Nutrients

Foods for Eye Health Nutrients

Your eyes act as a window to the outside world. With August being National Eye Exam Month, let’s take a look at eye health as it relates to aging and nutrition. As your eyes age, common eye problems like dry eyes, watery eyes, floaters in vision, or loss of ability to see close objects may…

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Background Music During Mealtime to Create a Calm Environment

Listening to Music During Mealtime

Everyone needs a healthy diet to feel their best each day. This is especially true for loved ones with dementia who may struggle to eat enough food for proper nutrition. Even if healthy meals are available to your loved one, you may find that they are not engaged with eating, or they simply do not eat enough to keep their body nourished.…

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