Nutrition for Seniors

Meals You Can Make Without Turning on the Stove

September 12, 2017
Meals to make without turning on stove

Making healthy and delicious meals at home doesn’t have to be synonymous with cooking. In honor of Fall Prevention Awareness Day (Sept. 22), I’ve put together five healthy meals you can make at home that are easy and don’t require cooking or a lot of time standing. Yogurt Parfaits. Make these fruit-packed yogurt cups delicious…

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5 Reasons to Buy Fresh, Local

August 15, 2017
Reasons to buy fresh local

Food tastes better in the summertime when you use fresh-from-the-vine produce. Recently, I made tacos that were amazing, because of the fresh peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and cilantro. It was simply a matter of dicing everything up and putting it together in a warm tortilla. For dessert, we had fresh peaches and blueberries. It was a…

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7 Reasons Why You Should be Shopping at Farmers Markets

July 19, 2017
Shop Farmers Markets

My favorite way to spend a summer Saturday morning is heading to my local farmers market. I like to stock up on fresh fruits and veggies for the week, maybe select a bunch of fresh flowers or fresh baked goods. I like knowing that everything I buy is made and grown locally. Here are my…

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The Happiness Diet

June 14, 2017
Happiness Diet

We’ve all heard about how the foods we eat can affect our weight, our cholesterol and blood pressure, but what we eat also contributes to our overall mood and mental health. Eating for our mental health is the basis for a book, The Happiness Diet. Normally, I don’t like to promote these kinds of books…

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Ten Vegetables and Herbs to Grow at Home (Even in a Tiny Space)

May 17, 2017
10 Vegetables and herbs to grow at home

Growing and maintaining your own vegetables, herbs and spices can be a rewarding experience. If you think you need a lot of space to garden, think again. You can grow small edibles on a windowsill, porch, or a small patch of land. You can even create a welcoming entryway by planting vegetables in pots along…

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5 Foods That Age You and Other Tips on Looking and Feeling Younger

April 14, 2017
5 foods that age you

I don’t think any of us want to look our age. That’s why so many of us do what we can to try to look younger. It’s no wonder the anti-aging skincare market has ballooned to a more than $30 billion industry, and it’s expected to continue to grow, according to a recent article in…

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5 Tips for Healthy Grocery Shopping on a Budget

March 13, 2017
Tips Healthy Grocery Shopping

It may appear that it costs more to buy healthy food than to buy junk food. It’s also easy to fall into the trap of relying on processed foods because they’re easier than fresh fruits and vegetables.  Take a closer look… many times we are really paying a lot for packaging and not getting much…

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Five Foods to Say, 'I Love You and Your Heart'

February 13, 2017
Five foods to say I love you

When we think of Valentine’s Day we think of chocolates. But, this year, think about giving your Valentine something that says, “I love you and your heart.” Here are five treats to consider: Heart-shaped fruit. Use a heart shaped cookie cutter to make heart-shaped melons. Serve them with strawberries and grapes, or if you are…

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Don't Let Your Kitchen Make You Sick

September 12, 2016
DOn't let you kitchen make you sick

There are few places I’d rather be than in my kitchen, whether it’s trying a new recipe or entertaining friends and family. But the kitchen can be a dangerous place. There are sharp knives, hot stoves and boiling water. Of course, we have to worry about spoiled foods and raw meats that can cause food…

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Tips to Boost Your Appetite

June 14, 2016
Tips to Boost Appetite

As summer approaches, warmer temperatures sometimes zap our energy and our appetites. If you or a loved one don’t have much of an appetite, there are healthy ways for you to get the nutrition you need and regain your desire to eat. Add variety to your meals by using different colors, textures and aromas. When…

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